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Podiatric treatments available at the practice.

• Routine chiropody/podiatry
This includes: corn/callous reduction; footwear and general advice; treatment of soft corns between the toes and on occasion septic or ulcerated lesions; treatment of involuted and infected nails; fungal infections affecting the skin and fungally infected nails; bursitis, chilblains and other inflammatory conditions.

• Biomechanical assessments and orthoses
Lower back pain and/or knee pain can on many occasions be caused by mal alignment within the basic structure of the foot. Specialising in the alignment of the joints and bones within the foot, the application of podiatric biomechanics as a diagnostic tool can be of considerable help in the treatment of:

• Low back pain

• Hip/knee pain

• Sports injuries of the lower limb

• Tendo Achilles injuries

• “Fallen Arches”

• Early management of Plantar Digital Neuritis (Morton’s Toe).

• Plantar fasciitis and heel pain


Our main field of focus within the practice is identifying and managing the effects of poor foot function as a causative factor in the above disorders. Where applicable, orthoses will be prescribed as a means of improving that function and removing the need for compensation elsewhere. Most of the pain experienced comes about as a result of this compensation. 

Our prescription orthoses can either be custom made from our own laboratory or manufactured to a high specification using CAD CAM computer generated techniques (through an outside lab).

• Nail surgery
Nail treatments can mostly be treated conservatively with regular podiatric care. However, where such conditions are recurrent, the option of nail surgery is available. The nail plate is removed under a local anaesthetic and the nail bed destroyed by chemical ablation. This can take the form of either a partial or total nail removal. 

• Podiatric acupuncture
Podiatric Acupuncture focuses solely on points around the foot and lower limb. The purpose of podiatric acupuncture is primarily for pain relief, providing an alternative or additional method of controlling pain associated with chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis. Other conditions include knee pain, restless leg syndrome, achilles tendinitis and metatarsalgia (pain in the forefoot).

• Diabetic screening
Diabetes Mellitis is a systemic condition often resulting in a range of foot problems associated either with poor circulation or an impaired nerve supply. These changes are often gradual but can escalate to ulceration and infection if unchecked. It is important that those with diabetes undergo a regular foot assessment by a podiatrist or a suitably trained professional at least once per year.

• Cryotherapy (Verrucae Treatment)
We offer advanced technology in cryrotherapy which provides a quick, safe and effective treatment for verrucae. The Freezpen is an innovation in cryotherapy emitting a fine jet of nitrogen oxide at -89 C , enabling millimetre precision.  With this level of accuracy, collateral damage to healthy skin is dramatically reduced providing a virtually pain free and very safe treatment option.

• Nail Bracing
A non – invasive and extremely effective treatment for painful nails, ingrown nails, involution of  nails and curled nails,  often an effective alternative treatment option to nail surgery (permanent nail removal).

Nail braces are comfortable to wear, no in shoe pressure felt, suitable for diabetics.


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